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Blog: Dispatches from Bassi 

Mike Sinor
December 28, 2015 | Mike Sinor

Experiment on row 55

I have worked with worm castings/Vermicomposting since the Domaine Alfred days. I researched the two camps at the time on compost teas and decided to follow the ideas and advice of Dr. Elaine Ingram the Soil Food web founder. At Domaine Alfred we would buy Vermicompost and use them to make our teas on site. Soon after starting Ancient Peaks we started to apply compost teas to very positve results. Jeff Filiponni really got into worm farming and went out about bought a large continuous flow worm bin. We still use that vin today on the Santa Margarita vineyard.

At Bassi vineyard I have a small worm bin that I have been tying to expand as time and money permits. A picture of it is at the top of this blog. Some day we will have a larger bin and worm program.

I learned from Larry Turley at a mulit day organic farm retreat to use worm castings during planting any plant. The worm dirt has all sorts of fungi and bacteria that helps get the planted started. With this in mind, I was out working with the worm bin this weekend and figured I would see if it would help some struggling established vines

Row 55:

So in block Pinot Noir Block 32, Clone 2A there is a section that has really short shoots. My experiment on row 55 was to add a big hand full of worm castings and worms to the base of each plant, just below the drip emitter.

It will be fun over this next year to see how and if it improves the plant health.

- Mike

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Mike Sinor
December 14, 2015 | Mike Sinor

Post Harvest work complete

Good time of year! Cover crop of cayuse oats,bell beans and vetch is coming up nicely. All ground is prepared for a wet winter and we are just racking,topping and trying to go home earlier each day at the winery. 

Happy Holidays!- Mike


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