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Blog: Dispatches from Bassi 

Mike Sinor
November 11, 2016 | Mike Sinor

Harvest is complete !

As I write this we have only 2 bins of Syrah still in fermenter and they will get pressed off on Monday. I am taking the next two days off and that will be the first two days off in a row since early August...I know, waaa, waaa, waaa poor me.
I just wanted to share with everyone our harvest stats for Vintage 2016. We talk a lot about small lot wine making and the following data backs it up. These numbers are what we start with. In the end, you the consumer will only find about 12 different wines from 5 different grapes all from our Estate Vineyard, Bassi. (SLO County, White label, Black label, etc...)

From 14.4 acres of Pinot Noir we created 43 different wines.

Form 3.69 acres of Chardonnay we created 19 different wines.

From 4.14 acres of Syrah we created 15 different wines

From 2.85 acres of Albarino we created 10 different wines

From 2.40 acres of Pinot Gris we created 4 different wines

These wines vary by picking dates, yeast type, fermenter type, time on skins, location on ranch, whole cluster or not, etc......

Here is picture of our Crush Crew for 2016. Left to right is Joey (intern 16) me (post shave and hair cut) Kristen (wine club/Cellar rat/garden queen) and Greg (Cellarmaster)

Thank you guys for a great vintage


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