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Blog: Dispatches from Bassi 

Mike Sinor
May 30, 2017 | Mike Sinor

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Reviews from Matt Kettmann- Wine Enthusiast
issue 7/1/2017

93 Points- 2014 Syrah- Estate/SLO: This feral and gamy wine shows roast lamb, rosemary, dried fennel, rose petal and forest floor aromas on its dynamic nose. The palate leads with explosive acidity, before waves of Concord grape and blackberry flavor take hold. It's light on its feet but has some textural firmness, finishing on rosemary, lavender and game notes.

92 Points- 2014 Pinot Noir-Estate/SLO: Mike Sinor ekes out every last ounce of richness from his extreme coastal vineyard for this bottling, which shows mulberry and dark plum aromas along with loamy soil and dried rose petal. The flavors are equally hearty, evoking mulberry and black plum, but underlying black pepper, olive and herbal notes keep that ripeness in check. Its tannins are dense and the finish minty.

93 Points- 2014 Chardonny Estate/SLO (Editors Choice): There's a smoky touch to this bottling by Mike Sinor, with buttercream, light butterscotch, macadamia nut and toast on the nose. The palate is also full of nutty and toasty notes, yet dissected by a razor-sharp, nervy acidity, rounded on the edges with soft butter flavors. It's a great combo of savory spice and acidic structure.

88 Points-2016 Pinot Gris Estate/SLO:This bottling is Alsatian in style and almost reductive, with pink grapefruit pith, bitter orange, rounded peach and quinine touches. It's tightly wound on the palate, with high-toned petrol flavors accenting its crisp stone fruit core

92 Points-2016 Ancestral by Sinor-LaVallee. (Editors Choice)  Pet Nat. Mike Sinor's pet-nat experiment scored big in 2016. This pink sparkler offers complex yeasty bread, crushed rock and turned clay aromas. Zingy and racy, it grabs hold of the palate. It's all about fascinating texture and refreshing acidity.

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