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Blog: Dispatches from Bassi 

Mike Sinor
April 8, 2017 | Mike Sinor

Never say Never.....


So more than a few friends of mine resently reminded me of saying...."I dont make sparkling wine.....I buy it"......well that all changed a few years ago when a local winemaker friend of my tipped me off to a new/old way of making it. That technique is called Methode Ancestrale. The resulting wine is called a pétillant naturel.(French literally for “naturally sparkling”) You more often hear them refered to as "Pet Nat's" Its just fun and eazy to say is what I figure. One of the best articles I have found on it is here

So above is a picture of our 2016 Anscestrale. For us we are using the word Anscestrale as a fanciful name. For this vintage it is made from Pinot Noir but we are loving this techique so much we might use different grapes in the future. This wine is plain fun to make and drink so you can count on more of this in the future.

We started buying as many Pet Nats as we could starting in 2014. There is no one style. Some are super sweet, others are cloudy and just explode when you pop the cap. Its with good reason people say Pet Nats are the Russian roullette of winemaking!  A winemaker friend gave me some great advice..."dont ever open other peoples Pet Nat experiments" So with that knowledge we started expermenting in 2015 by bottling 4 cases each with a different finishing method to try and learn what to do. With that little experence and with advice from winemaker friends who have more vintages doing it we bottled 60 cases of some in 2016. 

It has been a huge success. We sold out with in a month and Wine Enthusiast gave us 92 points !

We look forward to making more next year! 




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